St Barths Bucket Regatta -
 end of March annualy.

The annual St. Barths Bucket Regatta is scheduled for March 24 through March 27 for 2014.

Every year St Barts plays host to some of the world’s leading sportspeople. Yachting is one of the most popular activities. At the end of march annualy, the St Bart’s Bucket Regatta is a close up display of the sleek hulls and vast billowing sails of some of the world’s biggest and most beautiful yachts. Minimum size 33m.
For 3 days the yachts sail around Saint Barthélemy. It is a fleet of the largest, most prestigious sailing yachts you will see for many a year. Much of the entertainment takes place on the leeward side of the island, from Gustavia to Grand Colombier. Our villa has a grandstand, royal box view of the event.

St Barts offer many Nautical events all year : 
- St Barth cata Cup Regatta : 18-26 November 2013 (sport catamaran) 
- New year's Eve Parade (parade around the Island for all boat present in the harbour - including Yacht) 
- Saint Barth Fun Cup : 31 january until 2 february 2014 (windsurfing competition) 
Bucket Regatta : 27 until 30 March 2014 (race of the largest sailing boat in the world - minimum 33 meters). 
- Les Voiles de St Barth : 14 until 19 april 2014 (International contest). 
- AG2R Arrival transat : 21 april to 13 may 2014 (Arrival of a cross Atlantic competition) 
- St Barth Tour : 1 may 2014 (events around windsurfing & Catamaran) 
- West Indies Regatta : 2-4 May 2014 (old boat Regatta)

For more information do visit the official website Bucketregattas

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